What is Counselling?

What is counselling
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From the very first article, we are talking about little aspects of marital relationship, the issues and problems related to it, and their solutions. We’ve been talking about marriage counselling, pre-marriage counselling, divorce counselling etc.

Today, we’ll be talking about the counselling process, what to expect while going for counselling, and what will the counselor do for you. This article will address all such questions which people mostly have in their minds.

What is Counselling or What does a Counselor do?

People mostly think that a counselor is sort of a magician who, by a wave of his magic wand, will remove all the problems from our lives and everything will be good.

Well, things do get okay but not with just the counselor’s efforts, you too have the equal responsibility. counselling is meant to show you the right way, the counselor is a person who listens to your whole situation and identifies the hidden reasons which, at the end, create chaos in your marital life.

The counselor shows you the right path, which is acceptable by you both, he/she identifies your mistakes and discusses the solutions with you. The counselor will give you some tasks to work upon, depending upon the nature of your problem, it’s your responsibility to work wholeheartedly on those tasks, and also learn from those tasks because they’ll help you in future as well.

What Happens During Counselling Sessions?

The counselling sessions normally last about an hour, and the counselor will discuss the whole schedule of counselling sessions with you in the very beginning. The fee, duration and timings of counselling, and requirements of counselling etc. will be discussed with you in the very first session.

At first, the counselor will ask you a few questions about you and your partner, your relationship etc., and then ask about the problem you’re facing. Then he/she will plan accordingly how (either one of you and/or both of you) and when (either once or twice weekly, fortnightly, once monthly etc.) to call you for the sessions.

Relationship counselling usually involves sessions with both the partners but these sessions are conducted individually first and then both are called together as well.

Tasks Assigned

The tasks which the counselor assigns to you depend on the nature of your issue, for example, if you have communication problems, the counselor will ask you to work on your communication, how to communicate your emotions, your mental frustrations, your issues, your discomforts in a productive and conflict-avoiding way.

You’ll also be guided on how to communicate your partner in a loving manner, how to show your love and care to your partner etc. So accomplishing the assigned tasks is very necessary because the success of the counselling/therapy sessions depends upon that.

No matter how hard the counselor tries to help you, you won’t get out of the problem until you equally participate in the therapy, your cooperation and involvement will ensure the success of therapy.

So this is what counselling sessions are about, how the counselor assists you solve your relationship issues.


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