What is Premarital Counseling? Why and When Should You Go for Pre-Marriage Counseling?

premarital counseling

Most people are not familiar with premarital counseling and its benefits. It is better for your future life if you get premarital counseling as early as possible.

In the West, people get into a relationship first and after spending some time together, they decide whether they should plan for marriage or not.

But, in the East, this is not the case in most marriages. There, marriages are planned with the consent of the future couple’s families and the ‘to be wed’ couple gets very less or no time at all for understanding each other, and thus the need for premarital counseling in such situations increases.

The future couple and their families need to understand the fact that marriage is not a compromise of any game, it is a major phase of life and the couple should be well prepared for this phase beforehand.

One thing that is very important in a relationship is ‘commonality’ i.e., what things do both partners have in common. Common personality traits, common likes and dislikes, common priorities, common religion, common worldviews etc. All help you in making your relationship stronger.

So before starting a relationship, it is good for you if you both try to find something common in you, and no one else than a couple counselor can be of best help to you in this regard. By finding similarities, we do not at all mean that you go looking for a person who is 100% photocopy of yours, rather, we mean to say that some commonality should be there.

Differences also have a positive impact on your relationship, they make your relationship enjoyable and evergreen as you have something different to experience, some different angle of looking at things.

Well, premarital counseling is not just about assisting you find out your commonalities and differences, it is more than that. Now let’s see when you should go for premarital counseling.

When you get serious in a relationship and decide to marry your relationship partner, you should consult a marriage counselor who will help you understand the seriousness of marital relationship and will guide you both on productive ways of starting your relationship and maintaining it effectively through different ups and downs of life.

As you know marriage is a very serious matter and the relationship is not ever smooth and ideal, therefore, you should be prepared for it. The counselor will help you in first understanding the marital relationship and then, understanding each other.

This will eventually help you out in your married life so don’t miss to benefit from it. After consulting a psychologist or a couple/marriage counselor, you take time and then decide whether you are ready to enter in this relationship and with the person you or your family chose for you. There is nothing wrong with taking time and thinking practically about marriage.

On this website, we’ll solve your problem of finding answer to your questions and finding a counselor for you. Through our ‘Online Forum’ and ‘Consult a Psychologist’ services, you can get pre-marriage counseling for your better future.


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