What is Marriage Counseling? Why is Marriage Counseling Needed? When and How Much is it Successful?

marriage counseling
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Marriage counseling, as the name suggests, is provided to married people-in most cases married couple-if they face problems with their relationship.

If you feel that it isn’t working anymore then consult a marriage/couple counselor/psychologist immediately. He/she will help you get out of the problematic things in your married life and will help you out in smoothening things between you and your partner/spouse.

Now here most people will say things like; Oh I can solve my problems by myself then why involve a third person in this, I don’t want my private matters to be discussed, things worsen when you bring more people in your private life etc etc.

Well, if you can solve your problems by yourself then there is nothing better but, do reassure that the way you are solving your problems, they are actually getting solved and not increasing.

Also, psychologist/counselor is a person with whom you can openly discuss anything without fearing the violation of your privacy i.e., your counselor won’t ever disclose your private family/marriage issues in front of anyone.

Yes, it is hard to trust anyone when it comes to marital issues as they are very delicate in nature, and more people hear about your issues, more will be the confusion and fuss created but, a counselor/psychologist who is dedicated purely to this field (providing counseling to disturbed couples and resolve their issues) can be trusted as he/she will try best to minimize or eliminate the issues instead of worsening them.

In the beginning of a marital relationship, things are smooth but, as time passes, issues start arising and this is very natural and normal, so you need not to worry about this. As two persons start living a shared lifestyle, so problems are supposed to be there.

An important thing; never ignore your little relationship problems and consider them as important because these little ignored problems end up in bigger unsolvable problems sometimes.

It is advised that both partners take out some time from their routine life for sitting together and discussing their issues. If you want your marriage to keep smooth and intact, don’t hide anything from each other and communicate your issues in a positive way (the way it doesn’t hurt your partner’s feelings, nor does it annoy him/her).

When you think your coping with problems isn’t good enough, take help from a couple/marriage counselor. When little things bring discomfort in your relationship, when you think your relationship is moving towards devastation, it’s time to contact a couple therapist. Once you consult a therapist, communicate to him/her each and every minute detail so that things could be sorted out. Normally, counselors or therapists first call both spouses separately for telling their side of the story and then call them together for addressing their problems and guiding them in effectively dealing with their issues. And, it is never too late to consult a therapist, the only thing which makes the therapy successful at and stage of your relationship is: your motivation for making your relationship working, and your active compliance with the therapy. Therefore, the success rate of marriage counseling can’t be given in stats and number rather, it depends solely on the couples’ motivation and active participation. If you need online counseling on your marital issues, then contact us through consult a psychologist.


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