What is Marriage/Marital Relationship and Little Aspects of Marriage and Family Life?

Marital Relationship
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Marriage is a bonding, a new relationship between two people and it brings together two different mind sets, personalities, like & dislikes, world views and the like. When two people agree to marriage, they have very optimistic thoughts and many dreams related to their upcoming new life.

In the West, and some parts of the East, people have the freedom to choose their life partner therefore, they look for some common interests and traits-on the basis of which they decide to spend the rest of their lives with each other.

This relationship begins with so much positivity and dreams and expectations but, are all of them fulfilled or remain till the end? We’ll discuss them all eventually but let’s begin with the history of marriage.

Marriage is considered as a holy relationship and most of the religions approve it. Through marriage, a new family is being formed and future generations are brought up. This relationship has existed among all tribes, societies, and nations.

There are many factors behind marriage like sexual needs, emotional needs, social needs etc. therefore, marital relationship fulfills your different needs and thus if some or any of those needs isn’t getting fulfilled properly, your marriage/marital relationship will get disturbed.

Different societies have different views about this relationship but, most of them appreciate the long lasting of this relationship. Now, the fact that a relationship has lasted for so many years, doesn’t guarantee that the couple has spent a quality time together and their marriage hasn’t suffered from any problems or damage.

It means that after hardships and challenges, they have still been able to keep the relation working and going. Some of the factors that compel the couple to stay together may be like; a) for the sake of their self-respect they tried to stick together to prove to the world that they are an ideal couple, b) for the sake of their children they sacrificed their desires and wishes so that their children might be able to get a healthy family environment, c) from the fear of abandonment and loneliness etc. These all reasons show that the couples aren’t always 100% happy and satisfied with their married life but, the key fact here is that they still manage to stay together.

Now, most people here will say that why should we stay together forcefully when we have the option to change our lives and look for a better spouse. The answer to this is, not a single marital relationship is 100% perfect and tension-free so why try and go through similar problems again and again?.

As I mentioned earlier, when two people marry, they bring in two different personalities and mind sets which would eventually contradict on one matter or another. So, when you are 100% sure that no matter how hard you try to match your chemistry, you’ll still get many problems to face so why go to this wheel of marriage again and again.

The researches around the globe indicate alarming increases in the divorce rate at a daily basis. Have we ever stopped to think for a minute, where is this trend taking us to? No.

A very simple and beautiful treatment of this big problem is COMPROMISE which we are lacking today. We’ll discuss these little issues in detail later on, but for now, let’s think about this thing called ‘compromise’ and try to feel the changes that it can bring into your married life and your whole life generally if you implement this little thing in your lives. Do let us know about your thinking and experience with this ‘compromise’ thing in the comment section below and stay in touch for more informative articles on marital issues.


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