What are Marital Conflicts? Why They Arise and What Damage They Do to Your Marital Relationship?

marital conflicts
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Conflict between the spouses are very common and have been much focused upon by social scientists. Conflicts occur because of difference of opinion.

People, when involved in any kind of relationship, forget the fact that two different people have different opinions, different likes & dislikes, different personalities etc. and they can have disagreements and different opinions on any given topic or situation.

These differences eventually change into conflicts, which can have devastating results if not handled carefully. There is a thin line between disagreements and conflicts. Disagreements usually are taken with positive connotation and conflicts with negative. So, the differences of opinion or disagreements are the route cause of this bad boy CONFLICT.

Conflicts are very harmful for a happy marital relationship. They can change the relationship from heaven to hell. It is very important that the spouses get awareness of the basic reasons behind conflicts and their disastrous outcomes, and they develop different strategies and ways of managing them properly. Because when you know the causes and consequences of a problem, then, you are able to think logically of the many ways of solving that problem.

The basic reason behind conflict development is faulty communication (about which we’ll be talking in detail later). Communication is not merely the words we speak, our body language, our facial expressions etc. also play a part in this. Most of the time, we are unaware of what we are conveying to the next person and that is the reason why we sometimes feel that the next person misunderstood us. Faulty communications can be problematic, so it is important to pay attention to it when relationships are at stake.

If the spouses are able to handle their disagreements and differences effectively, they can not only save their marriage but also, keep it evergreen and full of love. Disagreements should be taken as mere disagreements.

If a person disagrees with another, it doesn’t mean that this person is right and the other is wrong, it doesn’t negate the other person’s opinion rather, it means that one person has an opinion different from the other’s. When couples start thinking like this, they treat their conflicts differently and don’t get indulged into fights. They should understand that it is not necessary that we both agree on each and everything.

Spouses should give each other space and respect each other’s choices and thinking. This might not be as easy to do as it seems but, as you know whenever there is a will there is a way. When you’ll have the determination to keep your marriage smooth, you’ll try to change your thinking about differences/disagreements. I hope this article brought some meaningful things for you and you’ll be benefiting from these. You can contact us and let us know whether your problems were addressed, or you need more helpful tips for coping with your problems. Do share with your married friends as well.


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