How is the Life After Divorce Like? How to Move on? Should Life After Divorce be Imagined Before Getting Divorced?

Life After Divorce
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This article is meant to be helping people both before and after getting divorced. Here we have tried to give you a glance of the life after divorce. This insight might motivate you to change your mind regarding getting divorced because life after divorce is not so easy. Here, we would appreciate if divorced people comment and let married people know of the difficult situations they face after divorce.

Life after divorce is very difficult not only emotionally and physically but also financially. In the Eastern culture, man is considered to be the bread earner for the family. Wives usually depend on their husbands for the fulfillment of their financial needs. Marriage is thought to provide financial security to women.

Therefore, after divorce, a woman would lack this security and would face financial problems. In the West too, even if a woman is able to meet her financial needs, even then she’ll be surrounded by lots of tensions when she’ll have to manage everything by herself.

Although, when a couple goes for divorce, they normally have come to the point where they find divorce or separation as the only end and they claim that there is no love left in their relationship. But, after getting divorced, when you part away from one another, only then you start feeling the difference.

When you are sure that your spouse isn’t ever coming back to you, you start missing him/her. Because normally we don’t estimate the importance of a person in our lives when he/she is available for use 24/7.

But once that person goes away, we miss him/her and remember his/her little things. This time is very painful for both the partners. It is very difficult to move on. You must have heard the saying “love never dies”, so love is there somewhere, it only is felt when all the quarrels, problems, and matters are gone.

Also, your physical needs don’t get fulfilled which is very disturbing for you psychologically. When you have been in an intimate relation for a time, it is difficult for you to get adjusted after that relation ends.

This is how a childless person experiences divorce. Now let’s talk about the couples who have children and get divorced. Normally kids get split up-some go with their mother and some with the father. This itself is very painful for the children when they are parted away.

And when the mother or father marries someone else and the step parent is introduced to the kids, they find it much difficult to adjust with the new parent and sometimes there are new siblings as well (that new parent’s kids from another spouse).

Now this is very challenging for the kids. As they get disturbed, their health and studies are affected consequently. Children also get psychological issues when they get disturbed and can’t do anything about it. They start behaving differently, they start getting insecure, they have irritable behavior etc. This all will consequently trouble the parent/s.

It is advised that you don’t decide for a divorce without thinking of the above consequences. When you have 100 reasons to dissolve the relationship, go looking for that one single reason that can keep you tied together. Trust me, you’ll surely find that one reason. Divorces only make families suffer so try not to go for them. But if you’ve got divorced already, then it’s time to move on. If you have kids, try to live with them for the rest of your life. You can have a beautiful life with your kids too. And, if you are single, try to overcome your depression by doing things which delight you and which help you escape stress. You can make life better if you are motivated to. Always keep in mind, motivation can change everything. And there is no end to anything, there is always a new beginning whether you take it in the sense of re-establishing your worn-out marital relationship or you think of it as a new beginning―as a new phase of life, having new opportunities to groom yourself and start living a better life. We hope this article will bring some positivity and hope in your lives, do let us know in the comment section whether it helped or not and also share it with the people you care about.


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