What is the importance of sex in a relation? Why is sex important in a marital relationship? What role does sex play for keeping the relationship strong and healthy? How much sex is good? Does sex keep your love alive?

importance sex marital relationship
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Sex or physical intimacy is a vital part of a marital relationship. As we had earlier discussed the reasons which compel a person to getting married, physical needs are an important factor among them.

Need for sex or intimacy is natural just like need for food. Sexual drive has been present in human beings since the beginning of mankind because sex was important for ensuring the survival of human race.

And there is nothing to be ashamed of if you feel the need of physical intimacy. Also, it is a fact that sex or sexual relationship of the spouses plays a very important role in their marriage and closeness.

Now, let’s discuss the important of sex in a marriage but before that, it is very important to know the benefits of it, this way the importance of sex will be more clearly understandable.

Sex is not just a pleasure of few moments, it is a way of getting so close to each other that you can feel each other’s needs and mood and love very easily. Sex helps you in relieving your stresses, removing your harsh feelings for each other, getting each other’s attention and love, and many more.

It is the only channel through which you can revive your relationship. It happens so because during sex you are extremely vulnerable and close. Your intimacy brings you closer to each other, strengthens your bond, makes you fall in love again and much more. This is the reason why sex is so much important in a relationship. It keeps your relationship alive and strong.

One thing, which couple psychologists reportedly encounter while dealing with their clients, is that they frequently complain the unresponsiveness and negative behavior of their spouses towards sex. This unresponsiveness and neglection of your spouse’s need for intimacy damages your relationship to a large extent.

And when the other spouse is asked for the reason, he/she simply says “I don’t feel like being in the mood” or “I don’t enjoy sex anymore” or “I don’t like sex now” etc. Well, when you are in a relationship, the things are shared, they’re mutual. Your thinking, your liking, your priorities; they all are mutual so, you can’t just think of your own wishes and needs while ignoring your partner’s needs and demands.

Relationships work only when you and your partner take mutual decisions. There is nothing ‘mine’ in a marital relationship rather there’s ‘our’ in relation. When you’ll change your mindset in this direction, you’ll automatically be able to feel your spouse’s needs and you’ll be better able to fulfill them.

It is advisable that you get involved in sex even if you aren’t in the mood, as once you go for it, you won’t regret at the end. But, if you ignore your spouse’s need for sex, you’ll have so much space of misunderstandings and emotional withdrawal between you that you won’t be able to fill this space.

In the end, it is advised that you don’t let your marriage become a sexless marriage. Sex brings you closer both physically and emotionally, your bonding and love get strengthened this way, it removes the conflicts, negativity, misconceptions, and harsh feelings. Having sex once a week is very good for you, once in a month is also OK. So, keep your relationship alive and strong, and let us know in the comments if this article helped you with your sex-related issues. Share this article with your partner as well as those friends who need help in this regard.


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