Why is Divorce Counseling Needed? What is Pre-divorce Counseling? Should One Go for Divorce Counseling?

Divorce Counseling
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In the last article, we had talked about the life after divorce. This article will be introducing you to divorce counseling and pre-divorce counseling, what to expect when you go to a therapist for divorce counseling.

First of all, we will talk about pre-divorce counseling. As we have already mentioned, the aim of this website is to spread awareness on different minor as well as major aspects of marital relationship and marital life, and to help you out in building a strong relationship with your spouse and keeping that relationship intact for a lifetime.

Now, what pre-divorce counseling is? It means that before going for divorce, it is advised that you consult a psychologist/therapist/counselor for discussing your issues or your decision of getting divorced.

This is the stage when the couple counselor can help you from taking the wrong decision and save you from possible regrets also. It isn’t always necessary that the issues which apparently seem unresolvable, tend to be unresolvable in real as well.

When you take guidance from a therapist, you are in a better position to sort out your problems and resolve your issues. Divorce is a very difficult decision to make, it’s never easy for a couple to make it to this end.

In the East, the word ‘divorce’ is like a taboo, although now a days, divorce hasn’t remained a very scary thing but even then, people do try to avoid it. But, forcefully living together, with a lot of unresolved issues, isn’t an appropriate solution rather, you should go to a therapist to get things working and untangled.

In the West, people don’t take much time on thinking over this issue and decide to go for it. This results in regrets and loneliness and other issues. Therefore, it is necessary that you don’t make up your mind for this in a hurry and talk to a professional before getting apart.

Now, we’ll come to divorce counseling. Divorce counseling is needed when you have got divorced and are facing problems in adjustment. As the spouses get separated through divorce, they come across many problems, and it isn’t at all easy to get back to life soon after divorce.

Almost every divorced person needs some consolation and support. But some people, more than others, need serious therapy to get out of divorce depression and to get back to normal life. So, it is always wise to consult a psychotherapist/psychologist for getting out of depression and related adjustment issues.

Here, people would start taking drugs like anti-depressants, relaxants, and sleeping pills. This isn’t the right solution to your problem, instead of depending on medication you should go for psycho-education/psycho-therapy as it has more fruitful results.

Psychotherapy is basically talk therapy in which the therapist will let you speak up all that is unheard and what you feel, and then educate you on how to cope with the separation stress and adjust with the present situation of your life.

Psychotherapists or marriage counselors teach you different exercises which help you in getting out of depression and stress, and you face life with a positive attitude―you develop a strong will to live, to be happy, to get into relationships again etc.

For getting out of the mess created in your life because of divorce, it is highly recommended that you go for divorce counseling (it is necessary for you), and if you get a chance for going to a couple counselor before having divorce then this is way too good. We hope this article will help you in one way or another. Keep in touch with us for more helpful information regarding marriage and life.


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