Differences between Men and Women in the Way of Talking/Expressing?

Differences between Men and Women in the Way of Talking/Expressing
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As we have been discussing differences between husbands and wives in various aspects of life, this article is a continuation of the same journey.

In this article we’ll discuss how men and women talk differently (they express their thoughts and feelings differently). This is very important to discuss because most of the tensions and conflicts are created through miscommunication and misunderstandings, which are created only because both partners are unaware of the literal meaning of each other’s language (both verbal and nonverbal).

Now let’s discuss these differences in details. Women, as we mentioned in earlier articles, like to express and discuss each and every thing in order to feel better. When women are upset, they tend to exaggerate things by using metaphors and generalities.

This is what men don’t understand because they tend to express only facts and nothing extra. See if you relate with some of these lines said by your wives: You never listen to me, you don’t care about me, we never go out, etc. etc.

This is very disappointing for husbands because they take these words literally and feel like they are being blamed for being incompetent, distrustful, and uncaring. Well men, don’t take these things to heart and don’t think that all your love and care has been forgotten, your wives don’t forget what you do for them, they just talk about the current situation but use generalities (like never).

When a woman uses such words, all it means is that she is upset and she needs you by her side, she needs your love and support. Now when you’ve got insight of your partner’s feelings, you should be able to support and comfort her when she needs you.

Now let’s talk about men. As we learned earlier (in earlier articles) that men are less talkative and less expressive, they don’t talk frequently and only convey factual and to-the-point information. Whenever men are stressed, they become silent for finding relief and solution to their problems.

Or whenever men become silent after listening to your complaints, they are internally processing your words and do not speak if they don’t have an appropriate answer for you. This is vastly misinterpreted by women and they think their husbands are ignoring them intentionally or they simply don’t care about them anymore.

Whenever a man is quiet, give him some space and wait until he talks. If you’ll force him to talk to you when he wants to remain silent, he’ll say things that will hurt you badly so it is wise to not bother him at that time.

When a man says I’m okay, the wife will surely say, No, you’re not, you seem upset, why don’t you share with me. This creates arguments and conflicts. So it’s better to not argue with what he says because whenever he’ll need your help he’ll definitely tell you.

So what we learned today is how men talk less and think more, and how women talk more and more. So when your wife is upset she’ll generalize things, but don’t take it to heart and comfort her. And when your husband is upset, he’ll need some time alone to figure things out and learn how to respond to you, so be patient and give him his private space.

We surely hope this will eliminate many of the tensions between you and both of you will have a more positive approach towards each other during times of stress. Do give us your feedback on this.


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