What is a Crisis Counselor?

Crisis Counselor
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It’s been seen that people mostly don’t differentiate between different types of counseling and therapy, and believe that every type of counseling is the same and anyone practicing counseling or therapy can help us.

Well, that’s not always the case. As you see the discipline of psychology is very vast and has gotten many subdivisions, every division of psychology needs specialty in it so that the practicing person is well aware of his/her duties and boundaries.

The aim of today’s article is to clear it out to everyone the difference of a crisis counselor from other sorts of counselors. There are different duties of counselors and they choose themselves the field they’ll work in.

For example, there are career counselors (appointed mostly in institutes, who guide students about the jobs they should do according to their aptitude) , they have a totally different job to do than marriage counselors (who work on relationship issues) and so on.

Now you must have gotten some idea that different counselors do different jobs as the names of their designations differ. Therefore, a crisis counselor performs different job than a marriage or couple counselor does.

What does a crisis counselor do?

We’ll discuss now the specific job/duty of a crisis counselor, this will help you to further have a clear differentiation in your mind. As the name suggests, a crisis counselor will help you during the times of a serious crisis or a trauma.

This crisis or trauma can be an economic loss, the loss of a loved one, bereavement issues and the like. The job of a crisis counselor here is to provide you support and help you cope with the trauma.

The crisis counselor will first have a detailed interview with you, ask you questions relating to your issue so that he/she can have a clear understanding of the problem and specify the different strategies for you which will surely help you getting out of the problem.

The job of a crisis counselor is to assist you, provide you support during your hard times, teach you some effective crisis-coping strategies and ensure that you work on them and get things better.

The crisis counselor will make you feel safe and understood, you’ll have the satisfaction that someone is with you, listening to you, understanding your problems, and standing by your side.

Difference from a marriage counselor:

Marriage or couple counselors also help you get out of marital issues and traumas like divorce but, their counseling styles are different. Issues and traumas of marriage are different from other general ones so, the basic difference between crisis counseling and marriage counseling is that marriage counseling is solely dedicated to the marital relationship issues whereas crises counseling will be effective in general life crises and traumas.

We hope this article will clear your misconceptions about crisis counselor and crisis counseling and you’ll be better able to differentiate it from marriage counseling. If you have any such doubts in your minds do let us know in the comments, we’ll be glad to guide you further.


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