COVID-19 and Spousal Relationship

COVID-19 and Spousal Relationship

As the whole world is currently facing the challenge of COVID-19, people are stuck in a place with no jobs, no entertainment and recreational activities etc. People are stressed because they have no outdoor activity to do and are spending their whole day at home. All of this is because of the epidemic of coronavirus (COVID-19). Keeping in mind the current situation around the globe, we will talk about the COVID-19 and spousal relationship today.

As people are staying at home, they (especially men) have more time to spend with their families (spouses especially). This time is both a blessing as well as a tension. Tension in the sense that as men are having more time to spend with their wives, they are prone to more conflicts and negativities. This is because everyone is stressed out and wants peace of mind.

In this article we’ll discuss little things for staying happy and safe while self quarantining.

1. Organize In-House Leisure Activities:

How many times have you wanted to spend quality time together but couldn’t because of busy schedule ? This is a great opportunity for you to do all those things together which you wanted to you. You can organize in-house leisure activities for getting rid off boredom.

You can have fun activities, you can play games together, do gardening, reorganize your bedroom, arrange a romantic candle light dinner at your terrace, and many more. Do not stay on the internet whole day and give time to your loved one/ones.

2. Understand and Support Each Other:

These are hard times and we need our loved ones’ support more than ever before. There is so much suffering and helplessness right now that everyone is depressed and worried. There are stressful news on the media (social, electronic, print), people are terrified. We need to calm each other through our love and support. Don’t be annoyed if either of you is a little cranky, be patient and supportive because different people have different reactions to stress. This is the best time to understand and support each other, this way you can strengthen your relationship as well.

3. Take Care of Each Other:

Spouses need to take care of each other during these hard times. Wives, especially, need to ensure that their partners are safe, they are practicing the necessary safety measures, and are eating a healthy diet. Remember, a nutritional diet is very important at this time. Keep yourself clean and sanitized. Avoid direct social contact and exposure to germs. Husbands too take care of their wives by listening to them and helping them with this cleaning and sanitizing thing.

So, here are the few things we all need to practice in order to fight this epidemic. Remember, it is not fatal for those who are ready in advance. Do not panic, do not feel stressed, we’re all in this together. This is the time we think about others as well and save each other. This is the best time for human unity and empathy. Pray for forgiveness and be determined to fight this illness. Cooperate with the authorities, stay home and save lives.


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