5 Tips to Avoid Quarrels

5 Tips to Avoid Quarrels
Source: Antioch Community Church

In this article, we will share with you some important tips. These tips will help you out during bad times. Today we will discuss the main 5 tips to avoid quarrels or conflicts. As arguments and conflicts lead to quarrels and fights, so it is very important to be aware of the ways of avoiding them.

As we have earlier talked about disagreements and conflicts, and the ways of handling disagreements carefully. You must have had the idea from there that fights can be avoided easily.

Today, we will go through some handy tips for avoiding quarrels. You can work on these and see the change yourself. So here are the 5 tips to avoid quarrels:

1. Never Interrupt:

It’s an etiquette to not interrupt someone while talking. And in the spousal relationship, it is very important that each of you feels heard and understood. When you interrupt your partner or refute his/her point of view, you cause an unforeseen damage to his/her personality. As spouses, you are the closest person to each other and it’s your duty to strengthen each other through support. Therefore, it is very important that you listen attentively and NEVER interrupt.

2. Always Listen:

Secondly, listen to the whole thing first. You too will get your time for talking so, be patient and attentively listen to your partner first. It happens most of the time that people react without listening to the whole story. We, mostly, don’t allow our partner to explain it all and jump to conclusions. This leads to arguments. It’s not necessary that whatever we assume must be the truth or reality. It is therefore better to let the next person explain him/her self first before we react. This way you might finish your conversation in a good mood rather than ending up in a disaster.

3. Be Patient, Don’t Argue:

Sometimes, it happens that you are right and your partner is taking you wrong and blaming you unnecessarily. You feel very bad at such times and you want to say it all to clear yourself out but, your spouse isn’t ready to listen. Show a lot a patience in such situations. If you stay away from argument, you’ll be in a better position to explain yourself later. When one partner is angry, don’t reply with anger and disgust.

4. Wait for Your Time:

Keep yourself relaxed and wait for the next person to relax. Then you’ll have the perfect time to explain yourself. You can easily eliminate all the misunderstandings and get back together. This is because the duration of an anger phase isn’t much long. When the anger phase will end, your spouse will be fully ready to listen and understand you. Therefore, be patient!

And when your spouse is back to normal, then now is your time. You can fully utilize this time now and explain everything to your partner.

5. Never Forget the Love:

You must have noticed that when you are angry at your partner, you remember and say the negative things only. You forget about all the love and good things you’ve had together. This is pretty normal as when you are in a bad mood, all you feel is negative and bad. But, this isn’t healthy for you especially when you and your partner are in a bad mood. In relationships, you need to remember the positive things, it’s vert necessary. So when you are angry at your partner, don’t forget all the good things that he/she has done for you. This helps relieve the anger too.

Remembering the good times and good things of your relationship will help you avoid serious and hateful arguments. Love has the power and strength of eliminating negativities. So, no matter how angry you get, never forget the love of your partner, never forget all those good things he/she has done.

So, these are the quick tips to avoid and manage fights/quarrels. If you work on these, you will surely get great results. We need you to work on these and share with us your experiences. We will be waiting for your feedback.


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